Request Anti-Rabies Vaccination


On World Zoonoses Day, 6th July 2023, CCC launched the Vaccine for Every Woof Campaign.

Vaccine for Every Woof Campaign will provide monthly FREE anti-rabies vaccines (ARV) for stray dogs who have caretakers/feeders. This will allow for yearly re-vaccination of stray dogs and remove the burden of vaccine expenses from the shoulders of the stray dog caretakers/feeders.

CCC will extend this campaign to people who have adopted Indian mixed breed dogs/ Indie dogs/Rescued dogs to encourage adoption of Indian mixed breed dogs and rescued dogs.

  1. Register: Stray dog caretakers/feeders/pet owners of adopted Indian or rescued dogs can register for this campaign here.
  2. Vaccination drive: Once or twice a month, CCC team will cover as many dogs registered with us for the vaccinations. 
  3. Goal: Vaccinate/Re-Vaccinate at least 3,000 dogs every year. Regular vaccinations for dogs increase the overall immunity within the dog population, making it more challenging for the rabies virus to spread and reducing the risk of outbreaks.

To request for anti-rabies vaccination for dogs in your area, please fill out the below details. Our team will get in touch with you to confirm the details and allocate a slot for an anti-rabies vaccination drive in your area.

    Please Note:

    • CCC provides FREE anti rabies vaccination for stray dogs.

    At CCC we believe that stray dog population management should be humane and ethical, minimizing harm and maximizing benefits for the dogs involved as well as the human communities.