Our Infrastructure

When we first started in 2015, we tried a mobile approach, taking or fully equipped van to volunteer’s homes to operate. As we found that many volunteers could not provide adequate post operative care, we changed our process. Our first Home on the Hill (HOTH) site in Bhugaon had 25 kennels and we could conduct about 100 surgeries a month. By October 2019, we increased the number of kennels and now have the capacity to spay/neuter 450 dogs per month at Bhugaon alone and we also have 3 more centres around Pune with a total capacity for sterilizing 1500 dogs per month. We have vets, surgical assistants, catching coordinators, catchers, cleaning staff and a Centre head for each Centre along with space, kennels and supporting infrastructure to provide food and medical care to our patients.

We are unable to accommodate cats at our Home on the Hill facility as they get disturbed, agitated and frightened by the noise and barking of the dogs.

We partner with PMC and PCMC to achieve ABC objectives on a similar model, they allow us use of their space and kennels, in return we are helping them achieve their ABC mandate for Pune and PCMC areas at no cost.