Looking for a great place for your stray to recover post the spay/neuter surgery?

Canine Control and Care is happy to announce a fantastic package for ABC surgeries at HOME ON THE HILL (HOTH), Bhugaon.


Listed below is our Pre-op, Neutering and post-op package.

Day 1
Arrival at HOTH before 2pm. Our vet will perform a basic health checkup to ascertain if the stray dog/cat is fit to undergo surgery and administer pre-operative meds.
The dog/cat will be fed.

Day 2
Morning. If pronounced fit, the dog/cat will be kept on an empty stomach for surgery. Surgery will be performed. The ARV will also be administered.
Evening. Dogs/cats will be fed and given antibiotics, pain relievers and antihistamines.

Day 3
Dogs/cats will be observed and medicated.

Day 4
Dogs/cats will be released to the caregiver after being checked by the vet. Pick up must be before 2pm.

 Charges will be ₹ 350/- per dog for the entire package of stay and surgery.

Hurry and don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to have your strays operated and cared for by CCC.

Call us on +91 300 02 536/7

Or log on to for further clarifications.

We also perform surgeries at the following places:

1.Animal Farm, Wagholi

We also operate at Animal Farm in Wagholi.
Sunil at Animal Farm provides post-operative care at a nominal charge.
To schedule surgeries contact:
 Sunil +91 982 22 51 742 / 963 74 56 800

2. Mayuri Kelkar’s Place

Mayuri Kelkar also provides post-operative care at a nominal charge.
To schedule surgeries contact:
Mayuri Kelkar +91 937 10 31 569

Listed below are names of the people who can provide you with affordable transport for your strays at reasonable rates. 

Please note that these people are independent of CCC. CCC is not involved with any transport related matters and does not take responsibility for transport related issues.

For transport related queries call:

1. Petxi +91 880 65 10 101

 2. Shachi +91 988 14 67 895

3. Mojdeh +91 997 04 04 025

4. Balu +91 800 70 08 698

5. Mahesh +91 955 24 72 550

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